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How to Increase Traffic to Your Existing Website

25 May How to Increase Traffic to Your Existing Website

Are you struggling to increase traffic to your site? Gaining traffic is becoming increasingly difficult, so it’s important you use all of the resources and channels that are available to you. Below are some methods you should try out to drive your traffic.

Search Engine Optimization
Higher rankings on search engines is key to increasing traffic to your website. This means optimizing your content and code to your critical and most relevant keywords, building quality trustworthy links, and maintaining fresh up to date content.
Online Advertising
This one may seem like common sense, but paid advertisements are an easy and straight forward way to build your traffic. Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest ads are effective methods of driving traffic to your website. You also will have the ability to hone in on your target demographic through these methods, meaning your traffic will be qualified.
Social Media
Social media is a cost effective and powerful method of obtaining website traffic. Many underestimate the complexity of a comprehensive social media strategy. Your social media plan should be driven by quality and engaging content. It is also important that a consistent schedule is developed as opposed to sporadic posting. The more your posts are engaged with the more your followers will increase. Once your followers grow you will be able to consistently rely on the increased web traffic.
Email Marketing
Often times business owners may overlook the value of their own list. Email marketing can help drive prospects from your website to convert and also increase the likelihood of existing customers to convert. If you don’t have a newsletter sign up form on your website now, it may be time to consider adding one now!
Create Quality Content
“Content is King” is saying that is often repeated in the Marketing community today, and for a reason. If you do all the above strategies, but your site has no content your customers find relevant or interesting, you will still continue to struggle to increase your traffic.

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