Points to Consider when Building Responsive Websites and Mobile Apps

16 Jun Points to Consider when Building Responsive Websites and Mobile Apps

With the increasing use of mobile devices, more companies are looking for ways to reach new and existing customers. Building an app seems to be the most logical decision, as it can lead to increased customer engagement and sales. However, there are a few points that should be considered before embarking on the long path of developing an app, as well as the importance of building a mobile-responsive website:

Mobile-optimized site

While many think apps are taking over the mobile space, mobile browser traffic is actually twice that of mobile app traffic (source: https://venturebeat.com/2015/09/25/wait-what-mobile-browser-traffic-is-2x-bigger-than-app-traffic-and-growing-faster/).

Consumers don’t want to download a new app every time they want to learn about your company. If they need information, a quick visit to a company website will suffice. If the mobile website is built well enough, a few clicks will be easy enough to place a quick order without having to open a separate app and have it take up space on your phone.

Based on a study by Morgan Stanley, “Mobile browser usage is growing faster than apps and delivering larger audiences for most publishers.” (source: http://marketingland.com/morgan-stanley-no-apps-arent-winning-the-mobile-browser-is-144303)

Mobile Apps

According to Marketingland.com, “US and UK smartphone owners use an average of 24 apps per month, but spend more than 80 percent of their [in app] time on just five apps.” (source: http://marketingland.com/report-mobile-users-spend-80-percent-time-just-five-apps-116858)

Based on the above statistic, unless you are in the top 5 apps used by consumers, it is likely that you are not getting much traffic to your app as you would like to think.

However, building an app can be beneficial for companies with repeat customers, as an app creates a simple solution for finding what they need + placing an order. By providing valuable content & a seamless user experience in an app, building an app may be a great addition to have.

Bigger companies (ex: facebook, Instagram, amazon) and companies with frequent and loyal customers will benefit from focusing on creating and evolving their app, as consumers spend more time looking at their content. Smaller companies will benefit from focusing more time on optimizing their mobile website, as consumers will most likely go to their website versus downloading a new app on their phone. With that being said, having an app can be a good thing for any company, especially if there is a lot of engaging content for the consumer. Offering discounts, browsable content, and engageable content are all ways to draw consumers to your app. Depending on your audience and user behavior, an app may be a great addition in the mobile space.

Regardless, having a mobile-optimized site is necessary, as more and more consumers spend the bulk of their personal time on a phone or tablet versus a desktop computer. By analyzing your target audience & defining your company’s goals, you will have a better idea of what to focus your attention on.

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