7 Rules for Effective Commercial Script Writing

30 Jun 7 Rules for Effective Commercial Script Writing

Commercial script writing has transitioned significantly in the past several years. In the original days of video creation on the internet, commercial-based video propaganda was mostly constructed in content form – as that was considered to be the “norm” online, as well as the ultimate basis of search engine optimization. As time progressed and mobile connectivity allowed internet users to access the World Wide Web around the clock and from virtually any location, individuals demanded instant gratification. While written works – such as blog posts, articles, and sales copy – do remain to be popular, videos are increasing in popularity due to their engaging nature and the ability to deliver content to internet users quickly and easily. As a result, script writing is starting to grow in popularity among businesses and other entities that have a desire to optimize their content, increase their search engine ranks, and reach larger amounts of internet users. As a result, we felt it important to share some rules that will allow you to engage in effective commercial script writing:

  1. You must initiate the process of script writing by outlining the goals that are associated with your commercial production. You should include your reasoning for creating the video, the angle, outline your target audience, and determine what value you are offering. This outline should cover the needs of the video – not the wants.
  2. The next step is creating your narrative arc; that is, a “hook”. This should keep your audience interested and wanting more.
  3. The third step to integrate a very specific call to action within your script. You should be very specific in informing your viewers to share the video, subscribe to the video channel, subscribe to a newsletter, sign up for a report, or any number of any other tasks.
  4. You should ensure that your script includes relevant information that pertains to your goals. You know why you are creating the video. Now, you must create the content that motivates the viewership you are attempting to attract to watch. You have your “why”, now is the time to create the “why” of your target audience.
  5. When composing your script, be certain to consider incorporating real people into the video. In today’s marketing world, we are not script writing for robots. We are writing for real, legitimate people. We want to connect to them and we want them to connect to us.
  6. When creating the content, be certain to keep it simple, short, and very sharp. You should try to make your videos as short and to the point as possible. Your time is limited to make your point, make it and get out of it as quickly as possible.
  7. Finally, you should avoid extraneous information. Your video should pack a punch. If it doesn’t need to be included, take it out.

Now that you know the 7 steps to effective commercial script writing, it is time to get to work! Remember, once you have your video created, it must be marketed to increase exposure for your business. This is more than just a media file; it is an effective means of building your brand.

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