The Best Techniques to Grow Your Email List

05 Jul The Best Techniques to Grow Your Email List

One of the most critical marketing endeavors associated with your online business is email marketing. The list of contacts that you obtain is exceptionally valuable. Unfortunately, constructing an extensive list of individuals that are dedicated to engaging with your brand is an extreme challenge. According to a study conducted by Email List Strategy, only 9% of all marketers feel as if their strategy for email growth is successful. 71% of marketers feel that striving to improve the quality of their email list is a priority. Other studies have concluded that the database of an email list experiences approximately 23% of degradation a year. This stems from changing email addresses, opt-outs, and lack of continued interest. Cultivating an email list is more than just obtaining a large database of contacts. It is a process of developing a community that has a true interest in what you have to offer in terms of goods and/or services, quality content, and information. In this guide, we will provide you with the techniques used by the most successful marketers today that will aid in growing an effective email marketing list.

Technique #1: Build a Positive Foundation

The success of your email marketing campaign initiates with a foundation. It is imperative that the foundation is both solid and positive. To an internet user, perspective IS absolutely everything; therefore, it is imperative that you consider the experience of your subscribers right from the onset. The path to your email list must be customer-centric. You may utilize the following steps to ensure your success in this marketing endeavor:

  1. 1. You must make certain that as an internet user moves through the subscription process, that they receive information on the benefits associated with the email database that they are joining.
  2. 2. You should avoid sneaky tactics to obtain email addresses. All permissions must be clearly stated.
  3. 3. When creating an opt-in form, keep it simple but ensure that it displays the “personality” of your brand.
  4. 4. All of your email list entry points and exit points should be user-friendly and easy to access.
  5. 5. Make certain that you create your entry points so that they may be easily accessed by mobile users.
  6. 6. Keep the “Required” fields on your email list entry points short. Having too many requirements may result in page abandonment and the loss of many potential subscribers.
  7. 7. Be certain that you provide subscribers with expectations on the types of messages that they will receive.
  8. 8. Offer bonuses for signing up to your email list. Examples include deals that are email-exclusive, free eBooks, and discount coupons.
  9. 9. Make certain that a confirmation page and/or message is sent after sign up to kick start your relationship with the subscriber.
  10. 10. Before initiating the email marketing list entries, make certain that you have enough content to send to your subscribers. The world of marketing is fierce and includes many time restraints. It is best to have 4 to 6 weeks of readily available content at all times so that you never lose touch with your subscribers.

Technique #2: Go Social

The next technique that you may use in order to enhance the success of your email marketing campaign is collaborating email and social media. This is quite simple. If you are using Facebook, you may create an email opt-in option through the means of a specific tab, use call-to-action buttons that users may click on that go back to your email list entry point on your website, creating lead-in advertisements, creating Facebook posts that encourage email list opt-in, and encouraging users to sign up in exchange for a free product or a special deal. If you are using Twitter, you can utilize promoted tweets. On Pinterest, you may include an email list opt-in on the header, sidebar, and footer on your pages, and embed a link to your images that take potential subscribers to an opt-in page. If utilizing SlideShare just include a lead generator form to each of your slides.

Technique #3: Encourage Offline Customers to Opt-In Online

While the mobile revolution allows consistent access to the World Wide Web, there ARE times when potential subscribers will be offline. In most instances, this occurs when your business has both a traditional brick and mortar building and virtual space on the internet. The solution? Simply encourage offline customers to opt-in online! You may utilize the following suggestions to succeed in this endeavor:

  1. 1. If you service in-store customers, offer them some discounts, savings, and other special promotions for becoming email subscribers. It is best to offer them the ability to sign up digitally or on paper at the point-of-sale.
  2. 2. If you engage in physical advertisements, be certain to promote your email list. You may elect to call this an “online membership” or a special “subscription” in order to appeal to your offline customers. Remember, include specific benefits and advantages of joining your email list.
  3. 3. Include signs in and around your business that highlights your email marketing list and the benefits of joining. You may even want to include a scan image that they may scan with their smartphone to sign up on the spot!
  4. 4. When designing the receipts that your customers receive, be certain to encourage them to take a look at your website and sign up as an email list member.
  5. 5. If you provide online receipts to your customers, always include a link to your website. It is best to utilize an attractive entry point that immediately introduces the customer to the email subscription and requests them to join.


As you can see, there are numerous ways to engage in the marketing of your email list. By building a positive and solid foundation, electing to go social online, and encouraging your offline customers to opt-in online and utilizing the suggestions for each of these activities highlighted in this guide, you are sure to reap numerous rewards from your email marketing list endeavors. Remember, it is best to opt for quality over quantity! The last thing you want is a massive list with little interest in your goods and/or services and/or your expertise. By using the information in this email marketingguide, you are sure to obtain high-quality signups that will lead to a highly lucrative future for your business.

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