On-Screen Talent: Rewarding Career Path

14 Jul On-Screen Talent: Rewarding Career Path

Have you long believed you would make a marvelous on-screen talent, if you just knew how to begin? Do you have the courage to become an actor? For sure, it’s not all lollypops and rainbows. On-screen productions aren’t as easy as they might seem. And, your chances of being “discovered” at the local diner are slim to none.

That said, great on-scene talent is an essential component to the success of every creative thing from independent productions to big budget extravaganzas. Even if you’re talented and you know it, the competition is fierce. But, innate talent does put you a step ahead of the other newbies in the film industry.

Appearance is an essential factor in showbiz. If you’re one of the ‘beautiful people’, congratulations. Otherwise, put your most attractive, confident self, front and center. Knowing your craft and pursuing it with passion can trump beauty in many instances.

Reading from the script skillfully, while putting your own distinctive spin on the role is a hallmark of award winning actors. It’s all about getting comfortable in the character’s skin. Delivering lines with authority and applicable emotion, scene-by-scene. Keeping audiences captivated, ultimately separates the A-listers from day players.

Timely Tip: Don’t eschew bit parts when you’re starting out in the film industry. When you inquire at production studios about sending your CV, find out if they need day players. Be mindful, each rung up the ladder gets you closer to the top.

On-Screen Appearances

Aside from directors, on-screen talent are considered the most prominent in a film. Because, audiences identify with the actors. An actor’s demeanor and appearance aids in persuading the audience to invest themselves in an on-screen fantasy world.

Promoting & Marketing

Marketing is another phase that contributes to the actor’s sustainability. Their efforts in promoting independent and big budget productions generate the public’s enthusiasm. For example, promoting the production and its premiere dates via press and talk show interviews, can reach out to a more widespread audience than standard billboards or costly commercials.

This means the actor must be comfortable in his/her own skin when not on-screen.

Why’s of Improvisation

Improvisation, aka improv, has morphed from a nice-to-know to a must-have skill. Especially for audition purposes. Improvisation is all about risk taking. It’s a jumping in like Mighty Mouse to save the day, when something goes awry during production, such as when another actor forgets a line.

Basic improv is taught in acting classes. Not only is improvisation a useful skill in acting, it helps immensely in real life. Think about improv as giving yourself permission to take chances. You’ll learn to listen carefully to what others are saying, communicate with clarity and be more spontaneous. Your self-confidence will flourish.

Timely Tip: Becoming a master of improvisation earns you another rung up the ladder of success.

Enhance your memory skills. Reading your part from the script for an audition is one thing. But, when the director calls action, it’s the real thing. The director isn’t pleased when he must holler cut because you flubbed a line.

Top on-screen talent learns various memory tricks, such as don’t memorize. At least, in the beginning. They suggest reading the script numerous times. This helps to get you in character and discover their motivating force. Also, emotional reactions will sink-in your subconscious. Plus, humans learn by repetition.

You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll remember by repetitive reading.

Be Empathetic

Actors can’t play a character without being empathetic to his/her situation in life. It’s all about understanding human behavior and feeling the experience that is him/her.

Final Words

If you feel the leading to become on-screen talent, make these three little words your mantra.

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