1. Develop a Memorable Logo

It is important that you consistently use the same logo consistently. Many brand get carried away with different variations of their logo to the point where the logo is no longer recognizable.

  1. Establish a Tone of Voice

Your customer should feel they “know” your brand. Decide what your brand’s values are and establish a voice that coincides with those core principles. For example, A brand based on fun and travel may want to be quirkier in their communications. Alternatively a brand that wants to be a trustworthy authority in their field may take on a more serious tone.

  1. Create a Style Guide

These guidelines should include your fonts, colors, logos, and examples of proper use. It is also a good idea to show some examples of improper use, so the team can visualize what to avoid.

  1. Get Stakeholder’s Feedback

Identify key players in the company and make sure they feel they had a say in the style guide. This will create less chance of people straying from the guidelines. Giving them input will make them more invested and committed in the decisions made.

  1. Inform the Team and Set Standards

Having a style guide is of little use if the whole team isn’t informed of what is expected of them. Proper training is critical to ensuring a team member doesn’t go rogue and decide to change fonts, logos or colors. This should also include giving the team access to the proper files.

  1. Create an Image Library

Photography can greatly impact the look and feel of a marketing piece. Sticking with photographers that understand your brand and curating a library that is consistent with your brand’s personality will help your marketing team stay on track.

  1. Establish Review Procedures

When different teams are managing different channels, sometimes marketing can become disjointed. Appointing one person to do a yearly review of all marketing channels for consistency can bring it all together. Additionally, establishing review procedures can protect your brand from any mistakes slipping through the cracks.

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