About Us


For nearly two decades we have made waves in the industry, breaking down barriers and redefining the art of educational programming and branded entertainment. We produce award-winning video for a broad range of participants and applications, from the world’s biggest brands to the budding startup.


Our unique brand content is designed to entertain while educate, allowing viewers to learn about businesses, industry, trends and relevant content, across all verticals. Whether the goal is to increase sales, collect donations, raise awareness, or launch a product, we can help reach your marketing goals through the unparalleled power of video. From concept to production to airing on national TV, we handle it all with the utmost professionalism and quality.


Our award-winning media campaigns have already helped thousands of participants enhance their brand value. Regardless of the scope or industry, we approach all projects the same way. Our mission is to tell your story in an engaging tone and style that will connect your story to your audience. We operate in a highly collaborative environment, which includes our participants, with the desired result of creating something we are all proud of.


Our genetic makeup of artists, producers, designers, creative talents, and celebrities, who have worked with leading companies around the world, combine to create content that exceeds expectations. Our work ethic is reflected in our endless endeavor to raise the bar and produce unique media that connects brands with viewers in new ways.


We are a Florida-based, independent media production company that creates dynamic visual and brand content. Collaborating with us means collaborating with a talented team of Telly and Emmy award-winning producers, writers, directors, and editors.


But we’re more than just fancy titles, we’re a family of professionals that draws on its diverse background in film, television, advertising, music, social media, and journalism to create projects that connect with audiences intellectually and emotionally. Our team has decades of combined experience working across thousands of segments, corporate videos, training videos, and more, with some of the biggest names in the industry, from small to medium size to Fortune 500 companies. We also produce DRTV/BRTV Media Campaigns with Kevin Harrington and his famous online property AsSeenOnTv.pro, and Across America with Mike Ditka.

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Everyone in production has been with the company for at least five years, with more than half in the double digits. And these are the people you’ll be working with. Whether it’s a scriptwriter, producer, or production coordinator, you will always have a main contact who will personally keep in touch and guide you through each phase of the process.


This team-centric approach is why we are so focused on collaborative relationships. We do not view our participants as numbers but rather new members of our team. It’s this collaborative spirit that translates into stunning, unforgettable segments that capture the essence of the participant’s message with crystal clarity.


Let us share our decades of wisdom and expertise to bring your story to life.